Barbra S. Hanna, D.O.
Heather A. Cushing, M.D.
Phone Calls/Emergencies

Please call 1-630-260-1818 during regular business hours. If you have a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.
Emergency calls after hours will be directed to the physician on call. If you need to be seen for an emergency, the physician on call will direct you to Central DuPage Hospital.

Please be advised that the physician on call will not refill prescriptions. If you need a refill on a prescription, please call during regular business hours. Please do not call after hours for test results. The physician on call will not have immediate access to your office records. We encourage you to call during normal business hours.

If you contact your physician during normal business hours or the physician on call with regard to a medical problem unrelated to a surgical complication or adverse medication reaction, our office will submit a charge for a telephone visit. These telephone calls require the physician to take a history of your complaint, document their medical decision-making and recommendations in your chart, and often call in a prescription to your pharmacy. If this is not a covered service by your insurance, you will be responsible for the charge. If you would prefer to avoid a charge for a telephone visit, we encourage you to visit the closest convenient care or emergency room.

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